Benefits Of Online English

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Benefits Of Online English

While 2022 has started differently from 2021 and we are no longer stuck in lockdown, many schools continue to offer online classes. Indeed, online classes have come into their own over the past year and lots of people are saying they prefer this kind of study. One person I know who lives in Panama has recently started a drawing course in a famous New York academy, just because online study makes this possible. If the pandemic hadn’t happened, things like this wouldn’t have become a reality. In dealing with human and financial catastrophe of Covid-19, hordes of institutions have founds ways to innovate and offer their services in new, exciting ways. So let’s review the benefits of online study.

1 – Comfortable

Stay inside your own warm house. You do not need to go into the horrible winter weather (if you’re in England). No need for walking, for the bus, or for your umbrella. In fact, if you don’t want to, you don’t even need to leave your bed. All you need is your computer, your book and your brain.

At the same time, though, it’s a good idea to set up a part of your house or room which you can dedicate to learning English. For example, put a desk near your window and only use this place for studying. It will become your very own, personalized classroom. What’s more, working in the same place at the same time every day will help you to establish your routine. Set your alarm, have a shower, have coffee, sit down at your desk and look out into the cold street and feel cosy and comfy, and then start learning. We recommend you don’t wear your pajamas in class, though.

2 – Safe

It is normal to be concerned about your health, to want to protect yourself and the people around you. And so, by specifically studying at home you avoid taking public transport, avoid risk and contact with other people. In fact, you’re safest when you’re in your own house and there’s less need to constantly wash your hands and use gel. Moreover, you don’t even need to wear a face mask, though you can if you want to.

3 – Save Money and Time

Online classes are cheaper, specifically as LVC doesn’t charge a registration fee, but generally you save money on public transport costs, extra coffee during break times and any quick trips you might take to the supermarket just before or after your class. In addition, think of the hour or more you normally spend travelling to and from your lesson every day. Although I like to read on the bus, I actually find it quite difficult to concentrate with all the noise and distractions around.

Since lockdown, I cycle everywhere, cutting journeys in half. Travelling less means you get more time to read and study, and if you’re studying online, you basically get an extra hour or more every day. In fact, if you use this time well, your English can improve very quickly. Also, there’s no need to smell the awful food people eat on the bus now either.

4 – Keeps You Active

This is important because it can be too easy to stay at home, lose your focus and feel sad. Instead of looking out of the window and waiting for lockdown to end, studying an online English course will help to organize your time and make you productive.

If your class is in the morning, for example, an online course will help you to get up at the same time every day and keep your energy levels high. The routine of studying and homework, specifically with a goal in mind (to make your English awesome), is good for your overall mental health as well as your future. Morevoer, feeling motivated will make dealing with this difficult situation a lot easier.

Here are some tips to survive the pandemic from the NHS and the BBC:

5 – Meet People From All Over The World

While it is true that studying English in general let you meet people from all over the world, studying online takes this to another level. Why is that? Because it lets you connect with people who are in other countries at the same time. For example, you can be in a Zoom group with someone who’s in China and Panama while you are in Italy. How cool is that?

Although everyone in the world is at home right now, on the positive side, the world has never been so connected. Even though you might be confined to one little room for these dark months, at the same time you can get to know people from many different cultures. Maybe when the pandemic ends, you will be able to go and visit your new friends in their home countries. Furthermore, by then you will be able to go out to a restaurant.

Stay safe and stay sane!

Other Benefits of Studying English Online

Protect the environment

Flexible schedule

No visa cost

No travel sickness

What do you think are the benefits of studying English online? Leave a comment in the box below.

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