English For Beginners Part 1

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English For Beginners Part 1

Beginner English Study Guide

Here you can see some of the basic things you need to start learning English – from level zero.

Chapter 1 Part 1 – Nice To Meet You!


A typical dialogue is:

Woman: Hi, I’m Sarah. What’s your name?
Man: My name’s Mark.
Woman: Nice to meet you.
Man: Nice to meet you, too.

Practice this dialogue on your own or with a friend.


What’s the grammar in this conversation? Here we use the verb To Be, the most important verb in English.

To Be

singular –
I am                    
you are
she is
he is
it is

plural –

we are
you are
they are


I am a doctor.
I am not a doctor.
Are you a doctor?

Which word is correct?
Hello. I’m/you’re Doctor Robertson.
Hello, Dr Robertson. I’m Peter.

Welcome to The Savoy Hotel
Thank you. I’m/you’re Mr Warren.
I’m/you’re in room 237, Mr Warren.

Use the verb to be for DESCRPTIONS, .e.g. She is French, it’s hot today, the food in England is not very tasty. Here’s a list of possible descriptions:

Nationality                   He’s Argentinian
Appearance                 They are not tall
Personality                  My father is kind
Age                               I’m 32 (years old)
Location                       Where is Jane? She’s in London at the moment.
Weather                       It’s cold and cloudy today.
Profession                    Is your sister a doctor?
Time of day/year         It’s 3 o’clock. It’s summer.
Preferences                 My favourite music is jazz.

In all these examples, it’s not necessary to use ‘do’, e.g. NOT They do are not tall, but they are not tall. With the verb to be, ‘do’/‘don’t’ ‘does’/‘doesn’t’ are not necessary. We will talk about ‘do’ in a later section.


To be: she, he, it
Read the following dialogue:

Person A: Who’s she?

Person B: Is she Michelle Obama?

Person A: No, she’s Oprah Winfrey

Person B: Where is she from?

Person A: She’s from the United States. 


Person A: What’s your favourite series?

Person B: My favourite series is Breaking Bad.

Person A: What’s it about?

Person B: It’s about a chemistry teacher who turns to a life of crime to pay for his medical bills.

Person B: That sound’s great.

Person A: Yes, it’s really exciting.


Countries                                                                         Nationality                                         Ending
Brazil                                                                                    Brazilian                                                 an
Germany                                                                              German                                                  an
India                                                                                     Indian                                                     an
Italy                                                                                      Italian                                                     an
Mexico                                                                                 Mexican                                                  an
Russia                                                                                  Russian                                                  an
the USA                                                                              American                                                an
Poland                                                                                 Polish                                                     ish
Spain                                                                                   Spanish                                                  ish
the UK                                                                                 British                                                     ish
China                                                                                   Chinese                                                  ese
Japan                                                                                   Japanese                                                ese

Grammar: Possessive Adjectives

Personal pronoun                                 Possessive adjective

I                                                                                 my
You                                                                            your
She                                                                            her
He                                                                              his
It                                                                                 its
We                                                                             our
You                                                                             your
They                                                                          their

This is Gabriel. He’s Italian. His favourite food is NOT pizza. His favourite food is sushi.

Complete the conversation with my, your, his or her.

Person A: What’s ___________ name?
Person B: ___________ name’s Phoebe.
Person A: Who’s he?
Person B: _______ name’s Bill. He’s nine.
Person A: What’s ________ favourite film?
Person B: It’s The Jungle Book. And __________ favourite song is?

Practice this conversation on your own or with a friend.

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