General English Three Times A Week 9HR

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Study General English three times a week. A great for someone who has a more flexible schedule and wants to study in between shifts.


General English Three Times A Week (3 Days)

Study General English three times a week. (Three times per week =3hr per day). This option is great for someone who has a more flexible schedule and wants to study in between shifts. Maybe you work in a bar or restaurant and want to fit your studies around your job. If that person is you, then three classes a week is a great combination.

Your teacher will set you homework and extra reading so that don’t miss out. And of course, they will be happy to review any topic with you that you worked on at home.

Choose to study English three times a week for 2 hours per day, or for 3 hours per day.

Did you know that twice means two times? In the past, people also used to say thrice. But nowadays nobody speaks like this. Actually, people just say three times instead.

For more information about the words:

Once, Twice, Three Times, why not take a look at this article from the BBC:

Why study English?

English is truly an international language. That means that people speak English in almost every country in the world. Knowing any international language will help your life in so many ways, and this is true of Spanish, Chinese or Portuguese, too. So what are some the benefits?


Most menus and hotel services are available in two languages – the native language of the country you are in, and English. If you don’t know Italian, for example, and you go on holiday in Italy, knowing English is going to help. With English as your second language, you can travel to many countries around the world and feel confident you can manage your trip with ease and success. English opens the doors of world travel.


While French may be the language of love, English is the language of work and business. Knowing English will help you on the career ladder, open new doors for you and increase your chances of a higher salary. Job applicants who can speak great English have more chance of getting an interview!


English began around the year 1300, more or less, when French and Anglo-Saxon mixed together. Therefore, it is an old language and we have many books written in English. Shakespeare is the top of the list, and maybe the most difficult, but he is one of the greatest writers in all of human history. What’s more, English is the language of Hollywood and many films each year are made in English, not to mention all the classic movies of the past. The Beatles, too, come from England, and so English is the language of pop music.

In summary

And so we have looked at a handful of reasons here, but there hundreds of reasons more to learn this beautiful language. Why not start today and begin your language adventure!

What Will I Learn?

  • Grammar
  • Beginner - knowledge of present, past, future
  • Elementary - deeper knowledge of present, past, future
  • Pre-Intermediate - complex past, conditionals 1 + 2
  • Intermediate - conditionals 1 - 3, narrative past
  • Upper-Intermediate - reported speech, to/ing,
  • Advanced - complex grammar, rich vocabulary
  • All levels:
  • Improve fluency and confidence
  • Better writing skills
  • Increase job opportunities
  • Prepare for interviews or university
  • Be able to read books/watch films in English
  • Be able to meet more people/socialise in English
  • Use the Internet more easily

About the instructor

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General English Three Times A Week 9HR

Material Includes

  • 3 days per week 9 hours
  • Photocopies
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion (additional £20)
  • Coursebook (additional £38)


  • For Beginners, no prior knowledge is necessary - just motivation!
  • Pen (or pencil) and paper

Target Audience

  • Students
  • People who have migrated to the UK
  • Tourists

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