Why Study English?

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Why Study English?

Maybe you are already studying English but want to get better. Or maybe you’re thinking about studying, but are not sure if there’s a good enough reason to continue. After all, learning a language is hard work, takes time and commitment and can some sometimes be frustrating. So, with all these obstacles to overcome, is there a good enough reason to study English? The answer is yes – in fact, there are several. What’s more, we explore five of them in this post.

1. More people speak and understand English than any language in the world

The British Council estimates that roughly 1.31 billion people around the world speak English and that, with time, this number will increase. This means that the English language is correlates almost exactly with increased opportunity and a higher standard of living. If you want to travel to any place, whether you’re from Italy, India or Vietnam, you can pretty much guarantee that in the country you’re visiting people will speak English to some degree. Hotel, flight and restaurant reservations are often made in English. If you want to travel, English your friend.

2. English is the language of business

It’s true: the world of business is conducted in English. For better or worse, meetings, conference calls and business deals are almost always in English. Speaking English face-to-face is certainly easier than speaking on the phone, but in a meeting or business setting (unlike in an English class) it’s difficult to ask people to go back and repeat themselves. Getting as much practice as possible and learning business terms and vocabulary will really help you. What’s more, this kind of practice will make those tricky Zoom calls all the less intimidating.

It’s estimated that most CEOs across the globe had to master English before they could really progress in their careers. So, if making money is your thing, better get studying.

3. English is taught in many countries at school

Children begin studying English at school, and this is surely a good place to start. However, some teachers are better than others and in some countries young people struggle to learn English. As adults they often see the potential benefits of being able to speak English and now wish they’d been able to learn it at school. Adults often have to spend their evenings learning English, doing so in their own time and with their own money. The more English you learn as a younger person, the more time you’ll save as an adult. You’ll also be enjoying the benefits of speaking this language sooner. It’s clear that many jobs simply require a certain level of English. This is true if the job is in business, in the arts, or social services or the medical profession.

It’s not a bad idea to get as much English under your belt as possible while you’re at school, then polish off your knowledge as a young adult. The rest, as they say, is history. Or, in this case, the future.

4. The primary language of the Internet

The Internet exists in all major languages, but for sure there is a wealth of material in English. Tutorials, articles, news reports, fan sites and streaming services all communicate in this ubiquitous language. It’s true that you can find internet articles on books, music, films, science, IT, business, programming, sport, cooking to name just a handful of subjects, but the sheer volume of material you can find in English is huge.

It simply makes sense to increase your chances of finding material and of being able to understand more and more things. If you speak two languages rather than just one, your options doubles – but if your second language is English, your options triple, or quadruple. Put simply, if there’s something you want to know, you can find it in English.

5. The language of study and learning

English is now the global language of academic study. Over 50% of internet pages are in English. Plus, universities across the world understand that so much information is in English and have created courses based in this language.

This is especially true is the degree is related to IT, programming, business or something in the arts like animation or 3D modelling. Since so many computer software programme, so many articles and so much coding are all written in English, it makes sense to teach courses about the subjects in English as well.

6. Shakespeare… or Netflix

No, but seriously – maybe you do want to read or watch Shakespeare. He is, after all, one of the greatest writers in human history. There are many excellent film versions of his plays, brought up-to-date with modern style acting and directing, such as Lawrence Fishburne’s version of Othello. But reading it is better than any interpretation, so why not go back to the original texts and sift through some of the most beautiful sentences in English.

Alternatively, if Shakespeare isn’t your thing, maybe some contemporary dramas on Netflix are. To start, you could do much worse than the very excellent Better Call Saul. This is a story about a seedy and corrupt lawyer, whom you might recognise from Breaking Bad. The writing, the dialogue, the acting, the lighting, the music are all excellent here. By learning English, you can access some wonderful vintage and modern culture – films, series, books. The world opens up with English, not just in terms of financial riches and opportunity, but cultural ones, too.

And finally…

Learning a language is a commitment and it can take a year to completely get to grips with the grammar and enough vocabulary to move around happily. But it’s more than worth it, and once you’ve gone through the hard part, the riches it offers become more and more enjoyable. A second, or third or whatever number language is a friend for life. It’s hard work at first, but it doubles your world and expands the possibilities of your future.

If you are thinking of learning or improving your English, why not take a look at our courses here and see what suits you. We offer English for Beginners up to Advanced level, including business and IELTS preparation.

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