Spanish consulate in London

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Spanish consulate in London

Why? Spanish citizens have to be register

Because registered Spanish citizens residing abroad may renew their documentation, in addition to being able to prove their residence abroad and participate in elections called in Spain, with the exception of municipal elections, as well as request consular assistance in required situations.

To make a register at the Spanish consulate, you must visit the Consular Office corresponding to the place of residence, prove your residence with identity, Spanish nationality, and corresponding documentation, as well as download and complete a form application with a photograph.

It is very important to bear in mind that, if a Spanish citizen residing abroad changes your address in the future, you must notify the Consulate so that your registration is always up to date.

Spanish citizens who are temporarily abroad are advised to register in the Consular Registry corresponding to the place where they reside as "non-residents" (download form), especially in countries at risk of natural disasters or that are politically unstable, Therefore, in the event that the emergency programs are activated, the Consulate will be able to contact all Spanish citizens within the consular district.

Benefits of being registered with the consulate

It is very important for Spanish citizens or residents in the UK. to create a record with the Spanish consulate. This record will allow you to get your passport for the first time, renew an expired or missing passport, as well other legal procedures in which you could receive support from your government.

Students attending courses or traveling abroad for a specified time are also advised to register as "non-residents" (attached document) at the corresponding Consulate. This registry will allow families to contact their relatives through the Consulate in case of need. The registry is also useful to facilitate the replacement of documents in case of theft or loss of the passport, since having previously been identified and having shown the documents withheld upon arrival, the Consulate has all the elements to provide documentation to the person who has been a victim. of passport theft (in this case, the theft or loss of passport must be reported to the local police of the country). With the registration as a non-resident, the citizen can vote by mail in various types of elections.

Documents that you can process

Passports, renewals of the national identity card (DNI), certificates of existence, Residency Certificates, and Cancellations of Consular Registration Certificates.

Spanish consulate in the UK


20 Draycott Place, London SW3 2RZ
Tel: 020 7589 8989
Fax: 020 7581 7888   


63 North Castle Street
Edinburgh EH2 3LJ
Tel. 0131 220 1843
Fax: 0131 226 4568 

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